upload receipts

Minimize administration.
Maximise financial control. 

No more chasing employees for missing invoices and manually trying to map purchases to invoices and transactions. Employees are automatically reminded to upload the required purchase.

custom report

Configure exports.

Get your reports as you want.

Give the accounting and finance control to decide what data they need and in what format. Setup export rules for your scenarios.

Sophisticated software.

Automatic data collection

Collect cost centers, categories and GL accounts for Accounting -  automatically.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning models are helping data collection to become more and more efficient.

Artificial Intelligence

AI models help to turn your data into actionable insights and decisions.

Simple reporting.

Set up VAT categories and reclaim

Mazepay can help you ensure that your company has a clean report on all the different VAT categories and make it easy to reclaim it.

Seamless integrations

Automatically extract the data you need from Mazepay, import it to your systems, and simplify Accounts Payable by cutting away manual posting and invoice

Subscription Management

Virtual Cards & Payments

Dynamic Request Forms

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