Our integrations ensure that the data collected is always up to date, saving you time and resources from requests to posting invoices.

Simple integration

Set up direct API integration between Mazepay and your data source, accounting system, or data warehouse to seamlessly exchange information.

Make efficient purchases

Change your cost centre setup, create new projects, or add new categories under seconds.

dynamic request forms

Optimise your processes.

Use dynamic request forms.

Dynamic request forms optimize processes for employees, procurement, and finance. Create organisation-wide standards, or use dynamic forms to adapt to your purchasing needs.  Request forms in Mazepay are dynamic and fully customizable to match your organization.

custom fields

For special needs.

Without limitations.

Add custom fields to your request forms in Mazepay and collect the data you need to give approvals, post transactions, set deadlines, or something else. 

Select cost centres from a drop-down, attach price quotations, make fields optional or required, and much more.

cost categories

Categorize your procurement processes.

Work more efficiently.

Use procurement categories to make sure purchase requests go to the right persons and allocate costs to the correct GL accounts in your accounting system. Categories also make it easier to analyze and optimize your spend. Categorization gives procurement and category managers control to effectively manage purchases that have traditionally been unmanaged. 

edit request forms

Procurement reworked.

To really work.

Configure the ideal forms to help employees make easy and compliant purchases. Mazepay’s dynamic request forms seamlessly support any scenario by switching between request forms for invoice, subscription, or webshop purchases.