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Software you control

IT-approved SaaS

Review software before purchasing and ensure security standards to protect your data.

Govern your software 

Track all software and request documentation to stay compliant. 


Integrate your existing systems with Mazepay. Easy cross-platform data access.

Do you want to spend smarter?

Read valuable insights in our blog.

Find information in our curated blog posts for procurement professionals about efficient and automated B2B payments.

Are you excited about Mazepay?

Book a demo and see how it works.

Let us show you the future of payments in a live demo. Reach out to us, and we walk you through it.

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For IT professionals

Gain full visibility into your SaaS

Modernize your IT.

Manage your software with full visibility and control. See and manage all your SaaS software in one platform.

A system that works for everyone

Stay compliant with the Mazepay audit log.

Monitor and prevent fraud before it gets out of hand.

Access critical activities at any time.

Access data, 
Track crucial events.

Manage your users,
Eliminate security risks.

Effectively revoke cards and maintain your structure with easy on- and offboarding. Never lose sight of subscription ownership. All card owners are visible.

Transfer and move Subscriptions.

Simple on- and offboarding of employee software. Easy to create, transfer, or cancel subscriptions.

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