Stay in financial control.
Over all your B2B Subscriptions.

With Mazepay you can get control and a complete and centralised overview of all running subscriptions and recurring payments. Forecast costs, easily onboard new employees with the necessary subscriptions, and track subscriptions across the entire organisation.

Stop chasing missing receipts.

With automated receipt collection.

Easy to collect receipts for each subscription using our dedicated inbox functionality.

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Subscription Management

Virtual Cards & Payments

Dynamic Request Forms

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Subscription management.


Track your subscriptions.

Manage their life-cycle.

Easy to create, transfer or cancel subscriptions as business needs change or employees move around in the organisation. Save costs from regularly reevaluating the need for a subscription.

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Make your B2B subscriptions easy to manage for a life.

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"By introducing the Eurocard/Mazepay solution for all IT-related purchases - both software and hardware- it is easy to secure compliance with our IT policies."

Ensures that all purchases are documented with a correct receipt or invoice.

No more missing receipts 

Locked virtual card for each subscription ensures that only the pre-approved amount can be spent.

Cost savings from regularly re-evaluating the need for different subscriptions.

Easy to move or cancel subscriptions between employees if an employee leaves or changes position.

IT Security

Customizable approval flows for your SaaS subscriptions