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Procurement made simpler. See how we helped companies and industries automate their long-tail spend.

Mazepay X Configit X Eurocard case story

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Long-tail spend management

Easy for the employees

Employees can easily purchase in a controlled way.

easy for employees


Every purchase is pre-approved and automatically documented in the audit trail.

compliance for enterprises

Cut the tail, cut the cost

Reduce or eliminate costs for supplier onboarding and invoice processing.

long-tail spend
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Simplify corporate spend.

In one global solution.

Join Mazepay and be part of the first solution to combine processes and payments in a single, fully integrated solution. We enable a global ecosystem by simplifying corporate long-tail procurement processes and payments. 

simplified corporate spend

Scale your enterprise

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For finance teams

Simplify spend.

Without growing administration.

Gain transparency over the long-tail spend and close the books in time without mistakes.

mazepay for finance teams

For employees

Fast purchases.

Anytime, anywhere.

Virtual cards and automated approval flows make it easy to always stay compliant.

vitual cards

Virtual cards

subcriptions and recurring payment management


invoice management


For procurement teams

Stay within spend limit.

Stay on time.

Easily set up purchasing rules for the whole company with dynamic request forms, and make procurement as fast as online purchases.