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Virtual cards 

Helping out our tech customer.

Advania is a fast-growing provider of IT and cloud services with a strong presence in the Nordics. Their focus on innovation and maximizing business value through technology lays the foundation for the ideal partnership with Mazepay.

Our client

Advania is a fast-growing technology group with a strong geographic presence in the Nordic region and a profound position as a partner for digital transformation. Advania has a comprehensive portfolio of cloud-based end-to-end services, IT security consulting, and integration services. 

Their motto is "Every challenge needs a partner".

The challenge to be solved

In this case, Advania was facing a challenge and was in need of a partner. They wanted to simplify and automate their long-tail procurement processes and remove the bottlenecks when making online company purchases. They wanted to improve their purchasing process to keep their enterprise of more than 1,200 employees up to date with future standards, e.g. pre-approval on all online purchases without making it troublesome for the employees.

"With the Eurocard/Mazepay solution, I can secure that my colleagues can effortlessly and quickly purchase online while I will be in control of the purchases.”

Elie Kamel - Procurement Manager


Our approach and the solution

Long-tail spend makes the enterprise go around daily, with a broad range of employees making purchases on behalf of the business. That is why automation is vital- making it as easy administratively as possible for employees, procurement, and finance. 

Mazepay's solution for simplifying B2B payments was ideal for optimising Advania's operations and securing the company's control of the spend.

"The flexibility in the Eurocard/Mazepay solution makes it easy to cover other use cases, and cost categories and include other business units in Advania when the time is right." 

Per Daluiso Salmonsen - International Sales Executive


Future-proof results and an unexpected advantage.

After getting in partnership, Advania started implementing our conjoined virtual card solution with Eurocard. They immediately acquired a transparent record of all their indirect purchases by using virtual cards. And we can ensure that all their receipts are automatically collected for every purchase, easing the workload on the finance team. This solved the bottleneck issue and furthermore secured the process for correct cost allocation.

Our partnership with Advania created an excellent opportunity for further growth by automating their B2B payments.

"Eurocard's large portfolio of payment solutions enables us to solve most of our customer's challenges in an effective and competitive way." 

 Patrik Nilsson - Key Account Manager 


Don't take our word for it.

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