approval flow

A simple and intuitive tool.

To manage approvals.

Mazepay’s workflow builder is easy to use and empowers you to streamline processes. Drag, drop and connect blocks to create the workflows that optimise your organisation.

Approve automatically.

Save time.

Automatically approve certain purchases based on pre-defined business rules. Instantly issue virtual cards and let employees make fast online purchases.

Configure approval types.

Gain control.

Automatically involve additional approvers when certain workflow conditions are met. Include IT Security when purchasing a SaaS subscription. Or include the cost centre owner when purchasing more than €10.000 in Marketing.

Be always on time.

Fallback approver

Operations shouldn’t stop just because someone is out of the office or simply too busy. Add fallback approvers to ensure approvals and set up multiple fallback triggers for complete approval optimisation.

Group approver

Set up group approvers to facilitate quick and efficient approvals from a member of a business unit, project group, or your own defined group of approvers.

Subscription Management

Virtual Cards & Payments

Dynamic Request Forms

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