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Helping IT

Through controlling the spend.

Configit provides powerful configuration technology for leading manufacturing companies with their Configuration Lifecycle Management solution that connects functions with speed, accuracy and precision.  Their IT department needed a solution just as precise and accurate.

Our client

Today's interconnected world requires speed, accuracy and efficiency. To be competitive, people, processes, and systems must be aligned. Configit enables companies to meet these demands.

Through cooperation with clients and partners, Configit takes pride in helping organisations with complex configuration problems, as well as helping to shape the future of configuration software. All of their solutions are based on Virtual Tabulation®, a multi-patented configuration technology that easily integrates into applications to solve configuration challenges across business functions.

Just like Mazepay, they try to solve problems differently than others, and they have become an integral part of their customers' everyday life; without their solutions, it would be more challenging to do business.

The challenge to be solved

The IT department plays an essential role in reshaping the configuration software market. As a market leader Configit needed a solution to secure that IT-related purchases were approved by their approval rules even before the purchase was made, to provide security and control.


As the company grew, so did the complexity and, therefore, the need for more innovative payment solutions. Until recently, the classical set-up with physical cards and purchasing accounts has been sufficient, but slowly, the preexisting purchase card system started to cause more difficulties than remedies.


Their IT department needed to be involved in a myriad of tasks, and missing receipts and invoices delayed the administration, to mention a few.

"By introducing the Eurocard/Mazepay solution for all IT-related purchases - both software and hardware, it is easy to secure compliance with our IT policies."

Peter Hjortkjær - Head of Global IT 


Our approach and the solution

As Configit is using many of Eurocard's payment services, we saw an opportunity to introduce our joint solution.


The Eurocard/Mazepay solution presented a flexible and scalable system for online purchases in IT, marketing and other relevant departments.


They gained increased control and automated receipt and document collection. Being an "out of the box system" readily scalable, it secures an easy roll-out to the subsidiaries in UK and Germany.

"Eurocard's extensive portfolio of payment services secures we have the right solution for every customer's needs and enables us - when the time is right- to follow our Nordic customers out into other parts of Europe."

Anne Mette Bergmann - Key Account Manager


Future-proof results and an unexpected advantage.

The Eurocard/ Mazepay solution helped Configit regain control over their long-tail purchasing; with virtual cards, they have eliminated all the administrative problems they had before.

IT has also been eased from many tasks; they can focus on the required approvals without spending more time hunting down receipts.

An unexpected advantage also occurred for Configit, as the posting file provided by Eurocard and Mazepay contains internal VAT codes, making it easier for their accounting to reclaim their VAT.

"Time used in the entire organisation for documenting purchases (receipts) has decreased significantly due to the automated process. This eases the workload, especially in Accounting." 

Steffen Vinholt Madsen - Head of Finance and Accounting


Don't take our word for it.

Check out our case stories.

Procurement made simpler. See how we helped companies and industries automate their long-tail spend.

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