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Empowering Financial Control 

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Experience never seen control over your financial processes with Mazepay. Simplify payments, enhance reporting, and gain insights like never before.

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Easy report creation with Mazepay for Finance

1. Requests

Ensure the buyer creates the purchase order with respect to business rules.

2. Approvals

Ensure an accurate approval flow before the purchase is made.

3. Virtual cards issued to requesters

The issued card is only used for the approved purchase request.

4. Invoice uploaded by requesters

Automate invoice or receipt collection.

5. Payment

Take advantage of current credit facilities with your credit card issuer.

6. Accounting

Automate accounting with matching posting files, or integrations to your own systems.

7. Controlling and cost insights

Simple overview of your long tail spend in one place for internal checks and controls.
Access data easily for export into spreadsheets or through integrations to your systems.

Combined solution

For spend challenges

Mazepay is a comprehensive and integrated long-tail spend management solution, that simplifies the financial processes for all employee groups. Discover a new tool that looks at spend with a holistic view and integrates card issuing into an end-to-end process.

Empower all employees to create purchase orders quickly and compliantly. Automate business rules with dynamic request forms, so everyone follows them intuitively, without mistakes.

Purchase orders

With a few clicks

1. Requests

Dynamic request form in Mazepay

Set up approval flows for any buying scenario, automate pre-approvals, and include the right employee from your organisation, so you can ensure control and compliance for every long-tail purchase.

Every request is approved

Before purchase, by the right person

2. Approvals

Approval flow in Mazepay

Every issued virtual card is tied to its purchase order. The card is limited to the requested spend so the employee cannot spend more than what was approved. Revoke cards if needed with just one click.

One virtual card
One PO

3. Virtual cards issued to the requesters

Virtual card tied to PO in Mazepay

Finance often prefers invoices for long-tail purchases, as they provide more control over the payment process.

Overcome the challenges with the same level of control and security while you streamline processes.

1  —

Virtual cards

Virtual cards with pre-approved amounts can keep your company spend under control. Easy to use and compliant payments for online purchases.

2  —

Approval flows

Each purchase is pre-approved and follows your company's business rules. A complete audit trail provides transparency.

3 —

Invoice Management

For suppliers who only accept invoice payments, our invoice management empowers you with automated and secure processes.

Ensure that the employees are uploading their receipts to the right PO. Employees are automatically notified when they need to upload their receipts as well as reminders for the POs where invoices are missing. Empower employees to set up mailboxes generated for automated receipt collection

Stop chasing employees

Automate receipt collection

4. Invoice uploaded by requesters

Easy receipt access in PO in Mazepay

Save time for your entire organisation


seconds to create a purchase request


of all requests are approved within an hour


of all receipts are uploaded after the first notification

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Automate supplier invoice payments and only pay your issuer statement monthly including both online and invoice payments. Leverage credit facilities over your entire long-tail spend.

Suppliers are paid on-time

While you only pay once a month

5. Payment

Pay only your issuer statement monthly including both online and invoice payments

Access every information related to the entire long-tail spend from one place. Match your posting files to your needs and automate pushing them to your systems via integrations.

Simplified accounting
Increased efficiency

6. Accounting

Simplified accounting in Mazepay

Access insightful data about your entire long-tail spend, quickly and intuitively from one place. Set up internal controls and checks easily, and automate compliant spending, even in multiple legal entities. 

Generate and tailor reports effortlessly. Access the data you need, when you need it, in the preferred format with Mazepay.

Custom reports

Instant insights

7. Controlling and cost insights

Custom reports in Mazepay

Do you want to spend smarter?

Read valuable insights in our blog.

Find information in our curated blog posts for procurement professionals about efficient and automated B2B payments.

Ready to transform your financial workflow and save time every day for the finance teams by eliminating manual processes?

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