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Mazepay connects.

With your systems.

Mazepay integrates with your ERP, finance software, Single Sign-On, and other systems that power your business.

Identity management.


Empower your employees with easy access through Single-Sign-On, and simplify user management.

Easy integration.

To all applications.

Mazepay easily adjusts to your environment and needs. Got special requirements for integrations? No problem just reach out to learn how we can help.

Connect your systems. 

Leverage existing data in Mazepay.

Mazepay makes it easy to import existing data such as categories, cost centres, cost objects, and GL accounts to simplify approval flows and accounting.

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Do you want to spend smarter?

Read valuable insights in our blog.

Find information in our curated blog posts for procurement professionals about efficient and automated B2B payments.

Are you excited about Mazepay?

Book a demo and see how it works.

Let us show you the future of payments in a live demo. Reach out to us, and we walk you through it.

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