Workflow integration.

Easy and effortless.

Fit our easy to integrate, cloud-based solution to your needs. Start now or ask Mazepay Customer Service to set up the integrations you need.

Keep everything under control.

Identity and access management.

Start by using the built-in user and access management within Mazepay, and ask Mazepay Customer Services to set up an integration to your existing Identity Management, Access Management or Single-Sign-On service when you are ready to do so.

Custom data sources.

The Mazepay solution enables the use of custom data fields within the different Mazepay processes. This functionality can make it easier to collect the information required for automated posting of the individual purchases to the correct unit, cost centre, project, etc.

Manage within Mazepay

Custom data fields can be managed within Mazepay. Leverage this option for data that does not change on a regular basis. Users with administrative permissions can update and maintain the data directly in Mazepay.

Manage in other applications

Custom data fields can be used together with external data sources, so that project numbers, cost centres etc are always kept up to date automatically.

Easy integration to your existing applications.

Business Applications

Simply add Mazepay as just another application to work with your existing IAM/IG/SSO applications.

Directory Integration

Connect Mazepay to your existing directory infrastructure (e.g., Active Directory) and automatically give all your users within the directory access to Mazepay and assign permissions to create purchase requests.

HR systems or ERP-s

Mazepay can integrate directly with your business applications and leverage data from these to automatically create, remove, update, delete users and their permissions within Mazepay.

Subscription Management

Virtual Cards & Payments

Dynamic Request Forms

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