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Automated invoice management.
Done by Mazepay.

Pay invoices as easily as they were online purchases. Forget about long supplier onboarding processes and data maintenance. Automate your invoice management with Mazepay.

Mazepay is a licensed payment institute subject to the regulation and supervision of the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority (FT ID 22039). Mazepay secures transactions in accordance with industry best-in-practice security standards for payment cards (PCI DSS) and two-factor authentication under Payment Service Directive 2. All customer funds are safeguarded following applicable regulations by a dedicated safeguarding account setup.

Pay all suppliers by card.
Even when purchasing by invoice.

You pay for all the purchases based on a single, monthly statement from your bank, just as a normal card payment.

Trusted by

All suppliers paid on time.
No more late fees or disappointed suppliers.

All supplier invoices are automatically paid through Mazepay, so no more late payment fees or reputation risks for not paying suppliers on time.

Are you excited about Mazepay?

Book a demo and see how it works.

Let us show you the future of payments in a live demo. Reach out to us, and we walk you through it.

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Integrate your systems.

Post purchases automatically.

Automate data processing and save time with Mazepay. We help you configure the integration you need.

Supplier compliance.
Done by Mazepay.

Let Mazepay handle supplier compliance and achieve significant risk mitigations for your business.

Automated supplier onboarding.
Done by Mazepay.

Simplify your onboarding of all long-tail suppliers and increase supplier compliance.

A secure way to pay

Virtual cards

Designed for ease of use and security. Get one card for your purchase and upload your documents easily. 

virtual cards with Mazepay

Recurring payments

Make your recurring payments smoother with a dedicated card to pay specific SaaS.

subscription or recurring payment management

Invoice management

Upload your invoice and schedule your payment. Administrate your invoice without all the heavy paperwork.

invoice management

Dynamic request forms.

Configured for your needs.

Create organisation-wide standards, and approve all purchases before the purchase is made.

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