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Appendix A: Mazepay Cloud Service Terms


Appendix A contains the general terms and conditions for the use of the Mazepay platform where we address liability, confidentiality and similar legal requirements.

Appendix A

Appendix B: Mazepay Payment Service Terms


Appendix B contains the payment service-related terms and conditions which Mazepay must apply as a licensed payment institute subject to the supervision of the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority. In the event that you as the customer solely use Mazepay for online and subscription spend management then only the following sections apply: 1, 2, 3.1, 12 and 15 to ensure Mazepay’s compliance with Regulatory Requirements.

Appendix B

Legal - Buyers

The main agreement contains the most important aspects of the contract regarding commercials, terms and termination. Subject to the main agreement, Mazepay outlines the following appendices:

The agreement may have individually negotiated special terms which are part of your company’s signed agreement – please refer any questions regarding this to the individual in your organisation responsible for the agreement.

Further, Mazepay has several user-specific legal terms which apply to ensure that the individual person understands the use of the services and to ensure our mutual compliance with applicable law. These are found either individually or on the general legal page.

Contact us:

For questions, please reach out to your organisation's legal department or Mazepay legal at


Thank you for using Mazepay. 

Appendix C: Mazepay Data Processing Agreement


Mazepay’s standard Data Processing Agreement (which complies with the GDPR requirements with annexes describing the safe-guarding measures applied to personal data and data processing.

Appendix C



Appendix E: Specification and documentation of standard Mazepay Services


Appendix E is a detailed description of the work carried out by Mazepay and the responsibilities of Mazepay and you as the customer respectively. Appendix E also works as the instruction under which Mazepay operationally processes personal data exchanged under the agreement.

Appendix E

Appendix D: Mazepay Data and Outsourcing Service Providers


Appendix D is Mazepay’s list of service providers supporting our solution technically and enabling our processes. The service providers in the list are all identified potential sub-processors of personal data processed under the agreement.

Appendix D

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