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Marketing spend.

Optimise marketing-related spend with a truly global solution that makes spending easy, transparent, and compliant. With pre-approvals and recurring virtual cards, you can keep track of your teams, campaigns and projects with never seen control.

Marketing budget
Marketing team discussing spend

Optimising marketing spend

Marketing departments are usually forerunners in keeping up with technology. The use of subscriptions and recurring payments is at an all-time high and is forecast to grow even more. 


New and newer services have been developed in this convenient model, and keeping track of them in enterprises is not easy. Only if you have a global solution to control them. Optimisation is crucial in today's fast-paced marketing landscape to stay ahead of the competition. Saving costs and having the most efficient use of budgets is the name of the game, and we have the right solution for it.

Reduce time and costs

Fast reaction time and dynamic campaigns are vital in capturing your audience's attention. Running out of budget in a crucial moment, or waiting for approval in a long-lasting purchasing process, can make teams lose momentum. Monitoring marketing spend is essential not just for marketing teams but for finance as well. Having a total overview of who spent on what is one of the biggest challenges that teams need to solve, and usually, they spend precious time on it doing so. 

Marketers should spend their time on critical, creative tasks and should be able to make decisions fast with valuable insights. But in reality, often, they try to figure out why did a campaign budget run out faster than anticipated or, when company cards change hands, try to fetch receipts for transactions that don't even belong to them.

Optimising tasks

Enhance Control

The approval flows help your employees follow business rules when purchasing services while automatically creating a PO for all purchases to simplify posting in finance. Set up approvals for managers, IT security or legal, so business rules are followed smoothly for each purchase by anyone.


Virtual cards provide a full audit trail and an overview of transactions which connect each transaction with their purchase orders. Use an individual recurring virtual card for each campaign and see how easy it is to run subscriptions compliantly. You can also extend or cancel subscriptions or move ownership between employees from one place.

Manager approval, IT Security approval, GDPR approval
Business growth by optmisied processes

Grow your business.

By optimising your spend. 

Leverage optimised processes for marketing spend and regain control. Empower your marketing team with virtual cards and a truly global spend management solution that lets you focus on your tasks. Use valuable spend data to streamline your campaign and save costs and time.

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Flexible approval flows

 Keep your business' purchase rules while staying compliant.

Flexible approval flow

Campaign cost monitor

Follow the spend of your campaigns in real-time.

Campaign cost monitor

Transfer subscription ownership

Move ownership between employees for full control.

Subscription management

Automated receipt collection

Forget the awkward mails about missing receipts.

Automated receipt collection
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Entire marketing spend

Entire marketing spend in one solution

With Mazepay's pre-approvals, you can be sure that your requests are approved in time, and you will always keep your campaign within budget. Virtual cards locked to a subscription, account, or service give you transparent control over each element of your marketing spend.

With Mazepay's Subscription Management, you have an accessible overview of every ongoing subscription, their spend limits, and who runs the individual campaign, ensuring transparency even for the largest companies.

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