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How Mazepay helps industry leaders manage their spend


Read more about how we helped our tech customer to cut their tail with virtual cards.

Mazepay x Eurocard x Advania case story


We are de-loading Configit's IT department while controlling the businesses' spend.

Mazepay x Eurocard x Configit case story

Legal Sector

Streamline legal procurement and finance to enhance compliance and efficiency.

Success stories.

Told by our customers.

Simplifying long-tail procurement has never been easier. Hear from our customers across all industries who have used Mazepay to manage their long-tail spend. 

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To grow your company without growing administration.

Learn more about our global payment solution and find out why enterprise professionals choose Mazepay.

For Employees

Empower all teams to purchase any item needed.

For IT professionals

Control all the SaaS subscriptions from one place.

For Procurement

Purchase anywhere, anytime, from one place. 

For Finance teams

Get an overview of all purchases. Anytime, anywhere. 

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