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Offer an all-around spend management solution to your clients.

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Increase customer satisfaction by offering an innovative solution that simplifies long-tail procurement and B2B payments for your corporate clients. Take advantage of your existing virtual card solutions and increase up-sell by gaining new non-T&E revenue.

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Mazepay is constantly innovating and pushing the boundaries of the procurement and B2B payments landscape. In close collaboration with you as a partner, we help our customers optimize their business with cutting-edge technologies.

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With Mastercard.

Mastercard's ICCP allows instant generation of virtual cards directly from Mazepay - providing convenience and control for both card issuers and customers. If you do not have a solution to generate virtual cards but want to become a Mazepay partner, we advise you to contact us. We will help you initiate the process with Mastercard in order to become a Mastercard ICCP issuer.

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