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Invest in the future. Join Mastercard and Mazepay to help restoring our planet's forests and Start Something PricelessTM.

Imagine a world without trees.

We can’t.

100 million trees restored worldwide by 2025. That’s the goal of the Priceless Planet Coalition TM. Join Mazepay and Mastercard as we unite as a force for good so that our planet can thrive.

It is generally acknowledged that planting trees is one of the most impactful ways to remove carbon dioxide emissions from the atmosphere, and tree planting programs are an effective mechanism to make a meaningful contribution. The United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) estimates to limit the rise in average temperature to the critical target of 1.5C by 2030 will require an extra 1 billion hectares of trees.


We unite our efforts with Mastercard towards the goal of combatting climate change. We are committed to restoring at least 5 000 trees in 2 years with the aim for much more. We are hopeful that with the contribution of our customers, we can exceed this number and bring the targeted 1.5C goal within reach.

Together with Mastercard's global forest restoration partners World Resources Institute and Conservation International, we can drive positive action against climate change and Start Something Priceless for the planet.

The Priceless Planet Coalition is are currently planting trees in Kenya, Australia and Brazil. To find out more about our partners, tree planting projects and campaigns, please visit

If you would like to contribute to the coalition, and have a meaningful impact through your spend, reach out to us and let's talk how we can further our planet in reducing the burden we created.

Photo Credit: Aaron Minnick, World Resources Institute

Addressing the impacts of climate change requires an urgent mobilisation of global efforts across both private and public sectors.


A single entity can achieve only so much on its own to combat climate change. Some organisations may find the burden of managing, executing, and monitoring scaled programs too great. Together, the effort can be reduced, and the effect can be multiplied.

To that end, Mastercard has launched the Priceless Planet Coalition: a platform to unite corporate sustainability efforts and make meaningful investments to combat climate change.

Photo credit: Sabin Ray, World Resources Institute

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