virtual card approval

Approve purchases.

Just in a few seconds.

Virtual cards with Mazepay empower your employees to make easy and compliant purchases. Anytime, anywhere. Always with a complete audit trail from purchase requests to the posting of transactions.

Customised control

Use Merchant Category Codes and geographical locations to track your payments and secure that your company doesn't spend any money without specific approval. Virtual Cards improve compliance and reduce your risk of fraud.

Flexible automations

Whether setting up different auto-approvals or employee-specific business rules, virtual cards are issued exactly when you want them to.

Improved cashflow

All your virtual card purchases are collected on a single monthly invoice. Your suppliers are paid right away - you pay later.


Virtual cards.

Employees should be able to make one-time online purchases in a simple and secure way. And it should be just as convenient as making a consumer purchase in a webshop.     


With single-use virtual cards issued through Mazepay, employees receive digital cards that are uniquely created for their unique purchase. It can be used once and only for the approved spend limit. One employee - one card - one purchase.

multi use vitual card


Virtual Cards.

Expand the usability of virtual cards with multi-use cards that are configured to each specific recurring payment. Never lose track of subscriptions - no matter if it is monthly, yearly or pay-as-you-go payments. Stay within budget with credit limits and set running periods on cards to ensure you never spend a cent more than what you want.

card management

Manage cards.

Gain control over purchases.

Configure workflows in Mazepay for specific employees or organisation units as a whole and set parameters for virtual cards to fit your exact purchase needs. Stay on top of corporate spending with complete control over credit limits. No employee will spend more money than what has been approved.  


Change the expiry date of new virtual cards. Limit the number of transactions. And set the spend limit for any virtual card. Manage virtual cards in Mazepay and customize them to your purchase.

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Improve compliance with virtual cards and reduce the risk of fraud.

Secure payment form

Control how money is spent and gain full visibility into corporate spending with a complete audit trail in Mazepay for every single purchase.

Fast and simple payment

Pay your suppliers in a safe and compliant way without onboarding and maintaining the suppliers in your own systems. All purchases you make are consolidated on a single monthly invoice from your bank.

"With the Eurocard/Mazepay solution, I can secure that my colleagues can effortlessly and quickly purchase online while I will be in control of the purchases.”

Elie - Procurement Manager - Advania

Subscription Management

Virtual Cards & Payments

Dynamic Request Forms

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