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  • What is Mazepay?
    Mazepay is a SaaS-solution that provides a smarter approach to procurement and B2B payments for large companies. Our goal is to simplify indirect procurement, cut costs and improve compliance. Always with a focus on ease-of-use for every single employee involved in the procurement process. Our platform ensures seamless and secure procurement processes, improves spend visibility, automates otherwise manual tasks and unites buyers and suppliers. Thanks to our close partnership with Mastercard and banks, we improve cash flow for both buyers and suppliers by ensuring on-time payments and financial flexibility. Mazepay is the antidote to the complexity and high-cost processes typically dominating indirect and long-tail procurement.
  • How do I start using Mazepay?
    To become a Mazepay customer you need to have an account with one of our Partners. If you are not already a customer with one of our partners, please reach out to us and we will help get set up with Mazepay and one of our partners. Link to Contact
  • Is Mazepay a bank?
    Mazepay is not a bank, no. Mazepay is a solution that helps large companies simplify indirect procurement processes and B2B payments. But we work closely together with leading commercial banks to offer our customers secure payment methods and improved cash flow. However, Mazepay is PCI DSS certified. Which means we follow the same standards as financial institutions to ensure compliance and secure handling of payments and data for all our customers and partners.

Virtual Card


Enable spend any time.

For everyone.

Empower your team with virtual cards, total compliance, and transparency.

Trusted by

A unique card for each purchase.

Stop sharing cards around the office.

With virtual cards, online purchases have never been more secure and straightforward. Request what you need, and receive a virtual card with an approved limit. A process that works for everyone.

Keep your books accurate.

Record company spend in real-time.

Never stress about collecting receipts and documents. Get all transactions recorded with what, why, and when spend occurred with automated reminders to upload documents.

Smarter processes.

Automate your approvals.

Create business rules based on spend limits, purchase categories, or organizational hierarchy. 

Simple processes.

Automated compliance checks.

All spend is pre-approved according to your business rules. 

Integrate your systems.

Post purchases automatically.

Automate data processing and save time with Mazepay. We help you configure the integration you need.

"With the Eurocard/Mazepay solution, I can secure that my colleagues can effortlessly and quickly purchase online while I will be in control of the purchases.”

Elie Kamel - Procurement Manager


A secure way to pay

Virtual cards

Designed for ease of use and security. Get one card for your purchase and upload your documents easily. 

virtual cards with Mazepay

Recurring payments

Make your recurring payments smoother with a dedicated card to pay specific SaaS.

subscription or recurring payment management

Invoice management

Upload your invoice and schedule your payment. Administrate your invoice without all the heavy paperwork.

invoice management

Are you excited about Mazepay?

Book a demo and see how it works.

Let us show you the future of payments in a live demo. Reach out to us, and we walk you through it.

Book demo

Dynamic request forms.

Configured for your needs.

Create organisation-wide standards, and approve all purchases before the purchase is made.

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