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Zumtobel Group is a leading global player offering innovative, high-quality lighting solutions and components for customers worldwide. Through various brands, including Zumtobel, Thorn and Tridonic, Zumtobel Group employs more than 5,500 employees worldwide and operates through 90+ sales offices and partners globally. Headquartered in Dornbirn, Austria, Zumtobel Group keeps pushing the boundaries for technological innovation and quality.

Optimise corporate spend.
Reduce bottlenecks.

Zumtobel Group had been heavy users of AirPlus' secure virtual cards for a while and were looking for ways to further improve the financial processes associated with their employees making online purchases. Initially, Zumtobel Group faced a bottleneck situation where a single individual managed the issuance of virtual cards, sometimes leading to delays. Instead of having a single virtual card administrator, they wanted to enable selected employees to request their own virtual cards. Employees should be empowered to request and use virtual cards for their online purchases and held responsible for submitting adequate invoice documents. However, it was important for internal controls that designated approvers would be involved in these requests before any virtual cards were issued. Having a clear, transparent and automated approval flow is important to Zumtobel Group, so they were naturally looking for a solution that facilitated compliant processes, efficiency and automation which covers the full workflow including submission and accounting of invoices.

"AirPlus Virtual Cards provided us with a great payment tool to make online purchases and pay for subscriptions and licenses. But we identified a need for an automated process around the payment that benefits employees, managers, procurement and finance alike. We knew that automation needed to be at the core of our future purchasing processes and asked our partner AirPlus for a solution."

Christian Hogenmüller, Senior Director, Head of Corporate Treasury

Zumtobel Group

"Zumtobel Group is a company that is always looking for improvement and innovation. We knew that our AirPlus-Mazepay solution would create a lot of additional value, so introducing our joint solution was the natural next step in our long and productive relationship with Zumtobel Group."

Christoph Kraska, Key Account Manager

AirPlus International

Automate business spend.
Increase compliance.

AirPlus and Mazepay's joint solution was the perfect fit for Zumtobel Group. The benefits of AirPlus Virtual Cards are even more effective in unison with Mazepay's cloud-based platform. The approach with Zumtobel Group was to identify all areas of the purchasing process that could be automated and simplified. Business rules were then set up for online spending based on purchase amount, cost centres and purchase types, which were automatically enforced when employees made purchase requests on the AirPlus-Mazepay platform. All employees had to do was make a simple request on the AirPlus-Mazepay platform; the underlying business rules would then ensure that the right people were involved in the approval flow at the right time—all triggered by automatic notifications to those involved.

While end-user processes are very important, so are the financial processes that derive from the purchases made. A key focus during the onboarding was ensuring alignment with Finance at Zumtobel Group to identify the best way to collect financial data from AirPlus and Mazepay and deliver it to Zumtobel Group. And, to have an extended workflow which also ensures that adequate invoice documents are mandatorily provided through Mazepay by the employee who received the virtual card.

"We wanted to remove bottlenecks and empower employees, but never at the expense of compliance

and security. The AirPlus-Mazepay platform provides us with full transparency over every single

transaction made, the submission of invoicing documents are now an integral part of the workflow

and all financial data is easily available to us for reporting and posting. Mazepay provides a

constantly growing set of features and quickly incorporates specific requirements from our side, so

together we can find the best solution for our company."

Christian Hogenmüller, Senior Director, Head of Corporate Treasury

Zumtobel Group

Simplify procurement processes.
Boost efficiency.

The result was an increase in process efficiency for both Finance and employees involved in making purchases. This gave Zumtobel Group the proof they needed to scale the AirPlus-Mazepay solution internally and include more users and legal entities. Giving employees access to the AirPlus-Mazepay platform so they could make their own purchasing requests was a natural step for Zumtobel Group in making its processes more effective and transparent. 

The collaboration with Zumtobel Group is based on a close dialogue between Zumtobel Group, AirPlus and Mazepay. Our mutual goal is to constantly find new ways of improving processes and grow the use of the solution. Through frequent and productive dialogue, the configuration on Mazepay is adjusted in real-time to help achieve Zumtobel Group's business goals and policy requirements.

Business growth by optmisied processes

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Leverage optimised processes for long-tail spend and regain control. Empower your organisation with virtual cards and a truly global spend management solution that lets you focus on your tasks. With Mazepay at the forefront of integrative solutions, you're guaranteed transparency, efficiency, and unmatched security. Ready to transform your business operations and rise above the rest?

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