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Embracing Work-Life Balance: Exploring the Danish Working Culture as an International

Updated: Jan 31

Embracing Work-Life Balance - Exploring the Danish Working Culture as an International

Photo by Ava Coploff on Unsplash

Denmark has gained worldwide recognition for its exemplary working culture. Boasting an array of social, economic and individual advantages. Mazepay has two offices in Denmark, including its headquarters. The team consists of people of different nationalities and backgrounds. And as we continue to grow and look for new talented people, it's time to take a closer look at the work culture that drives our business. In this blog post, we delve into the aspects of a progressive working culture based on our experience in Denmark.

The 3 advantages of working and living in Denmark as an International

#1 Diversity and Inclusion

Denmark prides itself on fostering an environment of diversity and inclusion, particularly for international workers. The country upholds positive human rights principles, ensuring individuals have the freedom to express themselves and develop professionally. This inclusive approach creates an atmosphere that encourages individuals from various backgrounds to contribute to the Danish workforce. In addition, the country is consistently ranked highly in gender equality indexes and has implemented legislation to ensure fair treatment and opportunities for all. Such inclusivity extends to the workplace, where diversity is celebrated, and individuals are respected for their talents and skills, regardless of their race, gender identity or sexual orientation.

However, there are challenges when it comes to integration, particularly in the context of immigration and refugees. The domestication process for immigrants can be cumbersome, often posing difficulties for individuals seeking to establish themselves in the country. Additionally, ex-pats may face obstacles in securing employment, as navigating the Danish job market can be complex. Acknowledging and addressing these integration issues remains a crucial aspect of Denmark's commitment to fostering a truly inclusive society.

Danish is the official language of Denmark. But the majority of the Danes speak English fluently, so as an international, you can get around without learning the language. Nevertheless, it could be a new experience to learn Danish as a new language.

#2 Health Care and Individual Well-being

Denmark's healthcare system consistently ranks high in terms of quality and patient satisfaction, reflecting the effectiveness of its comprehensive and patient-focused approach. It offers a high quality of care and numerous benefits to its citizens. It provides universal coverage, ensuring that everyone has access to essential healthcare services without financial barriers. This promotes equity and a sense of social cohesion within the society. In addition, provide employees with peace of mind, allowing them to focus on their work without undue concern for medical expenses or care for themselves and their families.

However, it does have some notable caveats. One such issue arises when it comes to psychological help, where the state's support can fall short. Citizens seeking mental health assistance often face long waiting times, sometimes ranging from one to three years, which can be incredibly challenging for those in need of timely intervention.

Working Woman

On the other hand, the Danish healthcare system does excel in providing excellent childcare services and initiatives that promote a better work-life balance. These provisions enable individuals to fully concentrate on their work, knowing that their children are well taken care of, thereby enhancing productivity and overall well-being. A new and additional initiative to increase productivity, motivation and support the work-life of employees is the 4-day workweek, which has already been introduced in some companies.

Another important factor for emotional and physical well-being is the living situation and the environment. Danish cities are renowned for modern amenities, urban planning, sustainable development, and cycling infrastructure. Copenhagen was even ranked as the world's safest city. The combination of vibrant cultural scenes, well-designed public spaces, and a strong sense of community fosters a positive working environment, increased working performance and enhances overall well-being.

#3 The Political and Economic Perspective

International workers planning to live and work in Denmark can derive significant value from the country's membership in both the Nordic Alliance and the European Union (EU). These memberships provide opportunities for trade, attracting international talent and fostering a diverse and globalized working environment. It also allows access to a network of like-minded countries, fostering collaboration and professional development in areas such as social welfare, innovation, and environmental sustainability. This membership promotes a shared commitment to progressive policies and provides a supportive environment for international workers seeking to integrate into Danish society. Additionally, Denmark's EU membership offers numerous advantages, including freedom of movement within the EU, enabling international workers to explore job opportunities and cultural experiences across member states.

Overall, Denmark's memberships contribute to a favourable environment for international workers, offering opportunities for professional growth, cultural exchange, and a high quality of life.

However, obtaining a working permission or permanent residency permit in Denmark can be challenging for individuals from outside the European Union (EU). The process can be complex and stringent, often leading to difficulties for non-EU residents seeking employment opportunities or long-term settlements in the country. Moreover, the EU itself faces certain challenges and inefficiencies in handling immigration-related topics, which can result in delays and frustration for individuals navigating the system. It is important to acknowledge that while Denmark has many strengths in its healthcare system, there are areas where improvements can be made to enhance accessibility and streamline immigration processes for non-EU individuals.

Another important influencing factor is the cost of living. Denmark is known for its high standard of living, but this comes with a higher cost of living compared to some other countries. Accommodation, transportation, and daily expenses may be relatively higher, requiring employees to budget and plan their finances accordingly.

The Role of the Danish Working Culture for Mazepay

The progressive Danish working culture has a significant influence on Mazepay's working culture and the way our employees work and collaborate. Another influencing factor for Mazepay's working culture are the United Nation's Sustainability Development goals. Mazepay incorporates three out of the seventeen goals. We, as a company, strive to create local effects as well as an impact on a global scale. We strongly believe that, as an employer, we are responsible for actively improving our employees' well-being. This includes healthy food, regular vacations and additional health benefits. We also strive to ensure office facilities that help promote well-being regarding lighting, acoustics, ergonomics etc. Furthermore, this includes that we want to create decent work opportunities and contribute to economic growth, including new and attractive jobs offering opportunities across countries, nurturing and training young talent and promoting labour rights and safe and secure working.

Besides these formal concepts and guidelines, the following paragraphs summarise three general working principles of the working culture at Mazepay.

Professionalism and Individualism

Fintech Copenhagen 2022

We foster a flat organizational hierarchy, emphasizing collaboration and inclusivity. At the same time, we place great value on mutual tolerance and respect. In the context of the individual dress codes, the guidelines are generally relaxed at Mazepay. This informal atmosphere allows you as an employee to express your style and work in a more relaxed and comfortable working environment.

Communication & Integration

Personal communication is open and direct. Colleagues and superiors communicate with honesty, authenticity, and respect, promoting transparency and reducing misunderstandings. Constructive feedback and discussions are encouraged, leading to effective collaboration and a positive working atmosphere. Since we are working in a flat hierarchy concept, you as an employee are encouraged to voice your opinions, ideas, and concerns, irrespective of your position within the company. This participatory culture promotes a sense of ownership, creativity, and a shared commitment to success.

Work Concept

Like in Denmark's working culture, we value the concept of work-life balance. You are often granted flexibility in managing your schedules, promoting autonomy and allowing you to fulfil personal commitments while meeting professional responsibilities. This flexibility enhances work-life balance and contributes to overall job satisfaction. You have the opportunity to take advantage of working from home or for some positions even fully remote.

Besides the work, we organize several team events. For example, we have been to a trampoline and a go-kart-racing team-building event, organised a camping trip to the Danish island Rømø and a company event in Madrid.

Are you excited about the future of payments? Join us and become part of the Mazepay-culture.


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