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Streamlining payments and processes
For Kramp with Mazepay

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Kramp's Commitment to Innovation

Kramp, a leading supplier in the agricultural sector, has always been at the forefront of innovation, focusing on services for their clients so they can focus on things that really matter. They want to make a direct contribution to the efficiency and profitability of their customers and their own operations alike. In pursuing this, they set the goal to optimise Kramp's employee experience over long-tail spend and to realise significant savings.

Controlling Long-tail Spend

As in any large enterprise, controlling long-tail spend can be very challenging without the proper tools. Creating multiple suppliers daily in their ERP system and the entire process of checking, booking, and matching invoices was very time- and effort-consuming. They needed an end-to-end process around their existing tools that could simplify the manual and lengthy workflows, and it is easy for the employees to learn so everyone can confidently use it throughout the entire company. Their key objective was to implement a scalable solution that could be rolled out across multiple legal entities and geographies.

"We believe using Mazepay optimised the process for small purchases in a number of categories, as the tool is very user-friendly and intuitive. You enter the details of your purchase on the tool itself, and you receive the virtual credit card details directly on your mobile device. After that, you can complete the purchase on the supplier’s website."

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Tailored Approach with Mazepay and AirPlus

In collaboration with our partner AirPlus, we proposed a tailored approach to address their challenges. With frequent monitoring of adoption and sharing feedback with each other, we assessed end-user feedback and helped Kramp receive a customized solution that is very easy to use. The ongoing conversations and planned internal communication activities helped us establish the right spend types, and categories, and integrate Kramp's purchasing policy into Mazepay. Every employee who has access to Mazepay can automatically and easily follow the company's purchasing rules.

"Mazepay not only met our expectations but exceeded them. The ability to streamline our payment processes and offer a scalable solution has been a game-changer for us."

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Enhanced Efficiency and Adoption

The adoption of Mazepay introduced AirPlus Virtual Cards with a scalable end-to-end process. The process of making long-tail purchases became intuitive and can be done under the fraction of the time they used on these tasks. A wide group of employees at Kramp can now avoid supplier creation for long-tail spend, posting is simplified and automated. The results are so visible, that Kramp decided to include the use of Mazepay into their purchasing policy, and now are rolling it out in new operation regions, to unify and simplify company spending.

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Business growth by optmisied processes

Unlock seamless procurement.

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Leverage optimised processes for long-tail spend and regain control. Empower your organisation with virtual cards and a truly global spend management solution that lets you focus on your tasks. With Mazepay at the forefront of integrative solutions, you're guaranteed transparency, efficiency, and unmatched security. Ready to transform your business operations and rise above the rest?

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