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How legal companies should

Manage their spend

Empower your legal practice with Mazepay's automated workflows, virtual cards, and pre-approvals to simplify purchasing and payment processes while ensuring accountability and financial control.

Efficient and Compliant Legal Operations

The legal sector interprets and applies the laws that companies, organisations and individuals must follow. Accountability and compliance are a must. Therefore, legal companies must have solutions that accommodate their high standards. Mazepay helps the legal sector improve compliance and organisational flexibility with process automation.

Administration can cause long purchasing processes anywhere, and legal offices are no exception. The lengthy processes cause many unwanted hours spent with manual tasks instead of working on those that bring value. However, the devil is in the details for finance, and financial control is important. Mazepay can make purchasing and payment processes easy, flexible and secure - with all information tracked.

Streamline procurement

Time is a valuable asset, so making fast purchases anytime, anywhere is vital to work efficiently. Conference tickets, hotel bookings, trademark renewals, legal software subscriptions or gift baskets can be requested and paid instantly. What makes this possible are Mazepay’s automated and highly flexible workflows and virtual cards. Combine them with our intuitive and easy-to-use software, and many hours are spared on procurement.

"We helped our legal company clients to remove internal bottlenecks and introduce a seamless and intuitive process for company-related purchases. At the same time, internal compliance has significantly increased, e.g. purchasing policies are always followed while supplier compliance checks are sufficiently carried out." 

Per Daluiso Salmonsen - International Sales Executive


Enhanced financial control

Pre-approvals ensure compliance and control over company spending. Auto-approvals can easily be defined, so employees make instant, compliant purchases. For additional control, extra approvals for software purchases, approval by partners, or spend limits can all be set up to mitigate risk. Automated receipt collection further aids finance and reduces time spent with administration. No matter the scenario, processes in Mazepay offer complete transparency and a full audit trail for finance. 

A Secure Solution

Mazepay is built on a strong and secured IT infrastructure, with data security and compliance as an utmost priority. Mazepay is PCI-DSS compliant and regulated by the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority. Reach out to learn how we can help your legal services become more efficient.

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Mazepay can ensure that all purchases billable to clients are automatically tracked and documented based on the relevant case id. This greatly simplifies client invoicing and ensures that all applicable purchases are invoiced to clients.

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